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Sustainable Greenovations at Startup Weekend Seattle

March 3rd, 2014

Seabeck Systems LLC

This February Seabeck Systems was one of nine sponsors for Seattle’s first sustainable edition of Startup Weekend: Seattle Greenovations.

We had a blast at this high-energy event, and we were proud to support critical thinking around stewardship of planet earth. In 54 hours about 100 attendees pitched 35 ideas, then formed 11 teams to tackle startup ideas for ride shares, water quality, air quality, energy conservation, animal welfare, recycling and more.

Team WaterNation, February 2014. (From Left to Right: Carolyn Yang, Will Xu, Maryam Lopes, Peter Loos, Aaron Smith.)

Team WaterNation, February 2014. (From Left to Right: Carolyn Yang, Will Xu, Maryam Lopes, Peter Loos, Aaron Smith.)

Peter Loos participated on the five person WaterNation team, featuring Carolyn Yang’s “Lab in Vial” startup idea. Members gathered data online and on the street to vet their idea for citizen-based water quality reporting. With the help of coaches, the team was able to invalidate their original idea halfway through the weekend, change direction, and generate a revised business concept to present on Sunday night.

In addition to taking a mini startup journey, Peter Loos shook lots of hands, shared many thoughtful conversations, and ate fresh local foods. He was impressed with the active, inclusive vibe, and enjoyed this chance to work with a unique group of motivated professionals. Peter’s tips for future Startup Weekend attendees: plan an extra day of sleep before and after the event – you will need it.

If you missed Greenovations, that’s okay: Seattle hosts four Startup Weekends in 2014, and Seabeck Systems will definitely sponsor again. To find an event near you visit the Startup Weekend event page.

Meet our new mascot Chip

January 21st, 2014

Seabeck Systems LLC

Seabeck Systems LLC - Business and Data Management Services

Happy 2014! We are excited to kick off our year with a new Seabeck Systems trademark, featuring our mascot Chip. You’ll hear more about Chip later this year, but for now: many thanks to george wheeler at the Noise w/o Sound design studio for creating our stellar logo!

Also ahead for 2014: our roadmap blog series. This resource will be helpful for pros who need ideas for creating an actionable plan, be it for six months, or sixty.

Why hire Seabeck Systems? I’m glad you asked.

Change Agent

Dear Prospective Client,

You wrote:

>> I’ve talked to lots of qualified people already. Why should I hire Seabeck Systems?

Thanks for asking!

My name is Peter Loos, and I’m an organizational change agent.

For any Seabeck Systems client, our first step is to develop a roadmap of “People, Process, Tools, and Business Value” that is used to align and bring transparency to business and IT priorities, regardless of the industry or political climate. To initialize that roadmap, I ask people in the business what they do with the information they are requesting from IT. This developmental conversation is used to increase awareness of “need vs. want” for information requested. Together we focus on the business questions to be answered, then work backward to the information needed to answer each question. When the business can demonstrate how the information requested is used for decision making, requirements are captured in a new product backlog, and the project management process kicks in.

Sometimes the business may struggle to define (or to reveal) what people do with the information they request. However, my experience has shown me that this (often difficult) discussion with the business is the only way that IT can elevate a practice of reporting toward a true Performance Management Program. Turning the corner from “building tables, ETL packages, and reports” to “an information factory that supports self-serve access to clean and conformed data” is important, but without clear insight into the questions that the business is trying to answer, the technology investment will ultimately be rendered impotent as the business finds newer and more creative ways to avoid working directly with IT to get the information needed.

If your organization is ready to answer the question “what does the business do with the information requested from IT?” followed by willingness and ability to take action to deliver self-service Performance Management to your employees, I hope you will consider Seabeck Systems as a partner for your team.


Introduction: Meet Peter Loos

January 14th, 2013

Seabeck Systems, LLC

Meet Peter A Loos

Greetings. I’m Peter Loos, Managing Member at Seabeck Systems, LLC, and your succinct blog host.

I will post twice a month, beginning with the topic of Business Intelligence. For a look at my professional background please see my bio and LinkedIn profile.

Got a question? Post a comment or send me a note. I’ll respond to selected questions here on the blog.

One Week Till Launch: Please Stand By

January 7th, 2013

Seabeck Systems, LLC

Welcome & Happy New Year!

The Seabeck Systems blog will officially launch on Monday, January 14, 2013.

Please check back soon for new content.