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Part-time Business Analyst


Company description:  

Seabeck Systems empowers individuals to plan bravely their ideas and provides them with the technology tools to fulfill them. Seabeck Systems and Sofia Dev Studio are partnering to help business decision makers cultivate skills, build teams, develop software and business processes ,and improve planning and measurement.   

We are a small, yet constantly growing, diverse team from all over the world. We are curious, self-driven and willing to enrich our knowledge in both professional and personal lives. You will be working with team members who are dedicated to quality and value creation and are always ready to help and support each other.  

Currently we are looking for a part-time Business Analyst to join our team right away and help us wrangle customer, business, and technical requirements. In this role you will be supporting the continuous improvement of the software, processes, and other tools that enable both internal and customer-facing activity. Our ideal candidate is an independent thinker capable of absorbing and interpreting large amounts of information from many different people and sources, and facilitating discussions that advance strategies and new ideas. 


  1. HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAIL – Curious, inquisitive, and precise. Responsible for seeking, capturing, and communicating feedback, requirements (customer, business, market, etc.), functionality, and feelings with precise language.  
  2. EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION – Comfortable working with many subject matter experts from all levels of business and all walks of life. Must speak, read, and write fluent English. Strong composition skills a must. Eager to align with Project Managers, Developers, Designers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Stakeholders, and other team members. Multilingual encouraged. 
  3. INTERDISCIPLINARY FACILITATOR – Identifies connections, patterns, and conflicts among ideas to advance discussion. Capable of defending own position with clear argumentation, but also capable of listening and accepting the arguments of others. Capable of guiding conversations through questions, documenting requirements in meaningful formats for technical and business audiences, and translating written ideas into visual media (e.g. sketches, conceptual drawings, models, flows) to improve and accelerate dialog. 
  4. INDEPENDENT SELF-STARTER AND CALENDAR MASTER – Must be capable of high productivity working remote with minimum oversee from management. 1-2 years of experience managing 3+ projects concurrently. Excellent organization and time management skills required. 
  5. FAMILIAR WITH SDLC AND PROCESS ENGINEERING – Experienced working hands-on with software development teams. Familiarity with supporting the software development lifecycle, i.e. understand how software gets built, capable of developing screen designs / wireframes, and know how to ask relevant questions like “Who will use this screen, for what purpose?” “What information is important to gather for this screen?” Capable of looking at a set of requirements and deciding the correct workflow.  
  6. POWER USER – Atlassian Jira and Confluence (or similar issue tracking and wiki tools). Confident with reading charts and graphs, desktop publishing, and reporting. E.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Analytics, etc. Able to support Functional and Design QA using Jira (define needs, log bugs, verify after deployment). 
  7. PROCESS-ORIENTED – Wired to seek and follow process. Experienced with defining and driving development and business processes. Capable of translating business wants into needs, outputs, and ultimately business value through technology and clear process workflows. Capable of understanding and recommending improvements in the process workflows among business and technical groups. Must have experience with Scrum/Agile.  

*BONUS SKILLS* – Power BI, Tableau, customer support, design thinking, multilingual, nonprofit / philanthropic organizations. 


CAPTURE VERBAL AND VISUAL IDEAS / WALKTHROUGHS from product, cx, biz dev, and engineering teams, transform this into a unified set of documents / requirements for the platform–what we have, what we want, where we are going–**so we can build new based on the business requirements.** Capture knowledge that is siloed among team members to create comprehensive user instructions, as well as requirements for new development. Support the project management and technical teams with creating a roadmap for improvement of the platform. Nurture development with thoughtful participation in the design and development processes. 

FACILITATE PROJECT MANAGEMENT through consistent, timely communication, supporting the alignment of resources, reporting on status and blocking issues, unblocking team members, identifying opportunities for demos and presenting ideas for clients, and being a champion of forward momentum. 

HOST AND FACILITATE CONVERSATIONS (VIRTUAL MEETINGS) with internal staff, partners, customers, end users. Know how to ask questions and hold the conversation to get information about user requirements (business and software requirements). Comfortable with questioning and challenging assumptions to push for better end results. Eager to build bridges and include everyone. 

ANALYZE REQUIREMENTS AND SEEK INTERCONNECTIONS between software and manual processes. Responsible for threading relationships between processes, collecting new perspectives to refine understanding, identifying the holes in what we know and then drilling in deeper, and communicating findings in meaningful ways to both technical and non-technical groups. 


  • At least 3 years of professional experience working on a similar position  
  • Bias for action

Our small team thrives on autonomy and creativity. 

Sound fun? Contact us today and tell us about your background. Please apply by sending us your CV at Thank you for your consideration!  

What we offer:  

  • Competitive remuneration  
  • Flexible working hours  (10h per week)  
  • Work from anywhere   
  • Working on challenging projects   
  • Be part of a motivated team with knowledge-sharing culture  
  • Find opportunities to improve and acquire skills  
  • Virtual Team Happy Hour