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Meet Peter Loos, your friendly data management expert


Peter A Loos is an Eagle Scout turned Management Consultant, owner of Seabeck Systems LLC. Peter mentors people who want to leverage company data assets to enhance their bottom line. His experience spans 20+ years designing low-cost, high-performance systems for manufacturing, transportation, energy management, workforce staffing, records management, wealth management, insurance, ecommerce, and mobile advertising.

Peter launched his career in finance and auditing with companies like Mission Linen Supply and QAD Incorporated near his hometown of Santa Barbara, California. This early experience wrangling data to meet strict business rules taught Peter how data becomes information that supports daily operations. Lured by evergreen forests, Peter relocated to Seattle, Washington in 1999 and joined extreme sports dotcom startup The Zone Network. As Manager of Technology Operations, he championed sound data warehouse development and data quality standards that helped TZN make sports coverage history. Peter joined pioneering startup Mobliss Incorporated in 2000, where he designed and developed their initial mobile advertising and gaming platform.

In 2001 Peter founded Seabeck Systems LLC to help organizations get and use meaningful information from their data systems. As a Management Consultant he guides teams through development and implementation of data warehousing and business intelligence programs. For emerging and Fortune 500 clients alike, Peter’s approach is to foster collaboration across organizational groups, develop actionable roadmaps, and help teams grow durable in-house expertise. A partial client list includes: Seattle-Northwest Securities Corporation, LizardTech, SafeHarbor Technology Corporation, DUX Dental, Law Seminars International, Iron Mountain Incorporated, Sensible Solutions Incorporated, OpenGate Consulting, SEI Investments Company, MediaTrust, and Interstate Distributor Company.

Ever committed to prompt, professional service, Peter supports his clients 24×7 from his home base in rural Kitsap County, Washington. He loves a cold, overcast day with a sharp chain on the saw, and a big pile of logs ready for work.